Wine with Dinner? It Depends on Where Your Restaurant Is Located

NJ Spotlight | May 11, 2016 | More Issues
New Jersey’s outdated liquor laws sharply restrict the number of liquor licenses a town or city can have, depending on its population

Having a glass of wine with dinner in a restaurant in New Jersey could actually present a bit of problem. It seems that liquor licenses are in short supply in the Garden State, understandably so given that the liquor laws can be traced back to after Prohibition — and while they’ve been revised since, they were actually made more restrictive.

Here’s the deal on that drink: As of 1969, the state permits one bar or restaurant license per every 3,000 residents. (In 1947, when the law was written, it was one license per every 1,000 residents.)

To put the math in perspective, the city of Hoboken would have to grow by 250,000 residents to add another liquor license.

Democratic Assemblyman John Burzichelli has a better idea. Let cities and town have as many liquor licenses as they want, and he’s introduced a bill in the lower chamber that would do just that.

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