April 13, 2016 | Number of The Day
Number of NJ high-schoolers that attempted suicide in a single year

Any parent of a high-school student knows about their mood swings, but it may come as a shock that 1,700 students in 2013 — the last year for which data is available — attempted suicide. That’s about 10 percent of students. More girls (930) than boys (767) made the attempt. The data is based on a biannual survey conducted in the schools by the U.S. government.

The rate of attempted suicide appears to be rising; in 2011 — the first time the question was asked in the survey — only 6 percent of students replied affirmatively.

The riskiest year appears to be 10th grade, when nearly 12 percent of students in 2013 said they had attempted suicide.
The largest cohort was Latinos, with 15.8 percent saying they had tried to kill themselves — 19.1 percent of Latino girls. They were followed by 11.1 percent of Asians, 9.4 percent of African-Americans, and 7.4 percent of whites.