April 12, 2016 | Number of The Day
NJ’s ranking when it comes to property-tax burden

Not that this is going to come as jaw-dropping news to state residents, but New Jersey is not exactly restrained when it comes to putting the bite on its taxpayers. In fact, according to a new analysis by WalletHub, the financial services website, New Jersey finishes first when it comes to property-tax burden, compared with all other states. Things don’t look much better when it comes to overall tax burden, with New Jersey scoring as the seventh-worst state.

New York, Hawaii, and Maine are the three states with the most aggressive tax burden all told, with close-neighbor Connecticut finishing in fifth place.

If you’d like to think small, at least when it comes to taxes, Tennessee, Delaware, and Alaska have the lightest tax burden. (Juno is supposed to be lovely this time of year.)