April 4, 2016 | Number of The Day
Percentage of students and recent grads who went to college to get a better job

It’s supposed to work something like this: Go to college, get a better job. And for 30 percent of the participants in a new Stockton College poll, that’s still the idea: They indicated that “getting a better job” was the most important personal outcome of attending college. But only one in three believed that their school was doing “extremely well” in preparing them for a job and career. Some 45 percent thought that college was doing “somewhat well,” but 10 percent answered “not as well as [it] should have, while another 10 percent said “not well at all.”

What about those students who aren’t in college to jump start their careers? Twenty percent of those surveyed were interested in “improving quality of life”; 15 percent were there to “learn specific skills”; 18 percent were interested in “gaining a better understanding of the world.” And just 3 percent were there to become better citizens.