Christie Announces More Customer Service Training for MVC Employees

NJTV News | April 29, 2016 | Politics
Governor helps mom get son a replacement permit, worries about rudeness at agency that conducts 24 million transactions annually

What’s wrong with this picture? Gov. Chris Christie, a man not known for his restraint and genteel demeanor, has announced that all employees of the Motor Vehicle Commission will get extra customer-service training.

Christie decided that the training was just the thing after fielding a call from Stacey Pilato, a Bound Brook mom, who described an exasperating four months trying to replace her teenaged son’s damaged learner’s permit.

The next day Christie, Pilato, and her 17-year-old son visited the South Plainfield MVC, where the frustrated mom said she was treated rudely by an employee. To no one’s surprise, the governor got the permit in record time, clearly a perk of the top executive’s office.

Despite smiles all around the governor announced that a refresher course in customer service was needed, with a focus on phone etiquette and treating people as valued customers.

This from the man who once called an Iraq vet and law student an “idiot” at one of his Town Hall meetings.

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