Interactive Map: How Big a Tax Bite Did the IRS Take Out of New Jersey?

Colleen O'Dea | April 22, 2016 | Map of the Week, Maps
New Jerseyans' total liability in 2013 was $53.9 billion, an average of approximately $16,450 per person or household filing a return

With Monday’s Tax Day 2016 behind them, employees at the Internal Revenue Service are working their way through the thousands of returns filed at the last minute.

Tax data for 2015 probably won’t be available for another two years, but if the latest statistics hold true, this income-tax season will be a positive one for most New Jerseyans.

In 2013, according to the IRS’ Statistics of Income database, more than three-quarters of filers from the Garden State got a refund. For those due a refund, the amount averaged about $3,160 and totaled $10.3 billion.

For the 790,000 filers who owed money on filing their returns, the average amount owed was $5,827, or a total of $4.6 billion.

Overall, about 3.3 million of New Jersey’s 4.3 million filers had at least some tax liability. Including the amounts taken out of paychecks or made by quarterly or other payments during the year, New Jerseyans’ total liability was $53.9 billion, an average of about $16,450 per person or household filing a return.

Almost two thirds of those who filed returns paid a professional to complete their taxes, the data shows.

New Jerseyans’ total adjusted gross income was nearly $340 billion in 2013, an average of $79,475. More than a third of all filers, or close to 1.5 million, reported income of less than $25,000, while nearly 275,000, or 6.4 percent, had income greater than $200,000.

The zip code with the highest adjusted gross income was the Far Hills 07931 area, with an average income of more than $886,000. However, the largest tax liability was in 07976 in New Vernon, where the average filer had to pay more than $290,000. The 07505 Paterson zip code had the lowest adjusted-gross income: less than $23,000. Another Paterson zip code, 07524, had the lowest liability — $2,210.