Pulaski Skyway Rehab Project Off Schedule — But by How Much?

NJTV News | April 14, 2016 | Transportation
At second anniversary of $1 billion project, NJ DOT estimates when current stage will be completed

This week marks an auspicious — if obscure — anniversary. It was two years ago this week that the New Jersey Department of Transportation closed the northbound lanes of the Pulaski Skyway as part of an extensive $1 billion repair and restoration project.

And perhaps to no one’s surprise, the massive undertaking — which involves re-decking the original bridge with more than a million square feet of panel is behind schedule.

How far off schedule? That’s difficult to say.

“Well about a year ago when we were talking about the project, we did announce that we’d be working through at least the end of this year, said NJDOT spokesman Steve Shapiro. “Now that winter’s coming to a conclusion, we’ll be reevaluating that again just to see where things are.”

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