Take the Necessary Steps to Vote in NJ’s June 7 Presidential Primary

NJTV News | April 13, 2016 | Politics
Today is the last day you can switch party affiliation, advises League of Women Voters

If your passion for a particular presidential candidate has you thinking about switching political parties so you can vote in the state’s June 7 presidential primary, better act fast: Today is the last day that New Jerseyans can switch their party affiliation. (But if you’re unaffiliated, you can just show up and declare.)

If you do make a move, though, you’ll have a surprising amount of company.

“I’m in my 20th year and I’ve never seen this many party changes at all,” said Sandra Millner, the Mercer County voter registration administrator. “With all these caucuses going on in the states people are panicking. They’re all changing parties. I mean equally.”

Patrick Murray, who directs the Monmouth University Polling Institute has another perspective on New Jerseyans switching their party affiliation.

“In the end I think this is only going to be a few thousand people, maybe 10,000 at most, out of what is likely to be a turnout that approaches two million in New Jersey on June 7 considering how much excitement there is on both sides for this primary process,” said Patrick Murray.

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