An NJ Spotlight Roundtable: New Jersey’s Hidden Water Crisis

NJ Staff | April 1, 2016 | Roundtables
A focus on water quality, one of the most important issues facing the Garden State

Lead in the water in Newark and Flint, MI is focusing unprecedented attention on drinking water quality. Given its aging infrastructure, how well is New Jersey prepared to provide safe and affordable water to residents? What else needs to be done to manage its use and proper disposal? This NJ Spotlight Roundtable explored these and other critical questions facing our home state.


Dennis W. Doll, Chairman, President & CEO, Middlesex Water Company

Peggy Gallos, Executive Director, Association of Environmental Authorities of New Jersey

Dan Kennedy, Assistant Commissioner, Water Resources Management, NJ Department of Environmental Protection

Daniel Van Abs, Associate Professor of Practice for Water, Society and Environment at the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences

Moderated by Tom Johnson, NJ Spotlight.

Presentation by Dan Kennedy

Presentation by Dennis Doll

Presentation by Peggy Gallos

Presentation by Dan Van Abs

Panel Questions and Answers


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