March 16, 2016 | Number of The Day
Number of NJ households that were at least temporarily homeless and living in a shelter in 2015

Last year, about 18,527 households found themselves living in a New Jersey emergency homeless shelter, according to Monarch Housing Associates, an advocacy group based in Cranford. A total of 19,635 households — meaning either individuals or families — were served by the homeless system. That broke down to 71 percent of individuals living in emergency shelters and 14 percent of families seeking refuge in emergency shelters. About 11 percent of individuals were placed in transitional housing, with 4 percent of families in that type of shelter.

A total of 1,572 households were determined to be “chronically” homeless. Some other statistics: 46 percent of the homeless population was under the age of 30; 50 percent of adults were determined to have a disabling condition; and 40 percent found permanent housing after being discharged from the homeless system.