Poll: What Should It Be — Birthday Wishes or ‘Bon Voyage’ for Obamacare?

NJ Spotlight | March 24, 2016 | Polling
Six years on, how does the Affordable Care Act look to you now?

It’s been six years since President Barack Obama signed his landmark Affordable Care Act. At the time, it was very controversial; people feared they would no longer be able to keep the health insurance they wanted, worried it would increase healthcare costs and the federal budget, create death panels, and limit flexibility for both consumers and providers. Conservatives also opposed the idea of a mandate requiring all Americans to purchase healthcare coverage.

President Obama argued that the ACA would extend healthcare to millions through tax subsidies and the extension of Medicaid, protect consumers from being dropped by insurance carriers, increase quality of health plans, and serve as an incentive to those who provided quality healthcare. It would also give consumers a way to compare insurance plans.

After six years, many of the results are in.