An NJ Spotlight Webinar: Regulation of Tiered Networks

NJ Spotlight News | March 17, 2016 | Webinars
Three experts give their perspectives on this healthcare hot topic

Tiered health-insurance networks have long held the promise of reducing healthcare costs for patients. But in order to ensure our healthcare system remains robust and fair to patients and all healthcare stakeholders, tiered networks should have clear, regulatory standards.

New Jersey officials are currently debating how to achieve this and bring clarity to the marketplace. This webinar brought together several leading experts to explain the concept of tiered networks and how we can best achieve a system that is fair and transparent for all.

Linda J. Schwimmer
President & CEO, New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute

Michael Maron
President and CEO, Holy Name Medical Center

Ward Sanders
President, New Jersey Association of Health Plans

Lee Keough
Editor In Chief, NJ Spotlight

Schwimmer presentation

Maron presentation

Sanders presentation


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