Poll: New Jersey’s Lead Problem — ‘Overdramatized’ or Underfunded?

NJ Spotlight | March 10, 2016 | Polling
The number of reported cases of childhood lead poisoning is dwindling, but more than 3,500 new cases are diagnosed each year

The disturbing reports of inaction over lead poisoning in Flint, MI, has caused many New Jerseyans to ask, “Can It — or Does It? — happen here?” Over the weekend, Newark confirmed with the state Department of Environmental Protection that there is lead in the drinking water at more than 30 of its schools. There has also been lead found in drinking water throughout the state.

Yet the state Department of Health points to major progress made on the issue; the number of positive tests for lead has dropped dramatically since 2000. But the bottom line is that nearly 3,500 more children in the state test positive for some level of lead poisoning each year.

Gov. Chris Christie has said the issue is being “overdramatized.”