January 8, 2016 | Number of The Day
New Jersey remains tops for outward migration

New Jersey continues to be the state with the largest outward migration — 67 percent of people who moved last year left the state as opposed to those moving in, according to this year’s annual United Van Lines study of nationwide migration patterns. Although New York has also been a consistent outbound state, this year the entire Northeast — including Connecticut and Massachusetts — saw a big outward migration.

United Van Lines pegged much of the reason to the retirement of baby boomers to warmer, cheaper climates. Michael Stoll, an economist and professor of the University of California, Los Angeles, also noted that the Pacific Northwest has become a destination due to Seattle and Portland having become technology and marketing centers, as well as a growing “want of outdoor activity and green space.”

The top inbound states this year were Oregon, South Carolina, Vermont (the single Northeast exception to outbound movers), Idaho, and North Carolina.