January 7, 2016 | Number of The Day
New Jerseyans who own a pet

With more than half the people in the state possessing a pet, you would think New Jersey would rank high on a list of pet-owning states. But that’s not the case; the Garden State was ranked third lowest by the American Veterinary Medical Association the last time it surveyed the issue in 2011. Only New York (50.6 percent) and Massachusetts (50.4 percent) were lower.

Dogs are more popular than cats, with 32.4 percent of New Jerseyans owning at least one. Only 25.3 percent of New Jersey residents own a cat — second lowest in the nation. Utah, with 24.6 percent, came in last.

What state is on top? Some 70.8 percent of Vermont residents own a pet; 49.5 percent have cats. Arkansas is the top dog-owning state, at 47.9 percent.