Podcast: Do Tax Incentives for Businesses Help or Hinder Growth?

NJ Spotlight | December 31, 2015
Debating the pros and cons of tactics for bringing corporations to — or keeping them in — New Jersey

While we’re on winter hiatus we’ll be publishing podcasts of some of the most compelling and challenging sessions from our October NJ Spotlight On Cities conference, as well as a podcast diary of a colleague who is struggling with breast cancer.

It’s not a party-line issue or one unique to New Jersey; across the nation, economic-development tax credits are a big source of controversy. But they’ve gotten increasing attention in New Jersey as the state struggles to recover jobs and tax revenue lost to the recession. Some say they’re a necessity for staying competitive, while others think they have gotten completely out of hand.

At NJ Spotlight On Cities, we invited Gordon MacInnes, president of New Jersey Policy Perspective, to hash out the issue with Michele Siekerka, president of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association. The session was moderated by our public finance writer, John Reitmeyer.

[img-narrow:/assets/15/1220/1945]This was one of a dozen panels at this year’s inaugural NJ Spotlight On Cities. Now we’re gearing up for our second year, to be held in the fall. What’s another major public policy debate that could impact our cities’ futures? Tell us about it by emailing us at oncities@njspotlight.com.