Chris Christie Triggers Looser Gun Laws in New Jersey

Matt Katz | December 23, 2015 | Katz on Christie

On the night before Chris Christie’s presidential announcement, he issued a surprise press release saying he’s creating a commission to look into whether New Jersey’s gun laws are constitutional. Now the committee has reported back, and Christie wants to loosen gun laws in the state.

Matt Katz, New Jersey Public Radio reporter and the creator of The Christie Tracker, discusses Governor Chris Christie’s plan to relax gun regulations in New Jersey as well as the State Assembly’s struggles to override his veto of a bill that would involve police in deciding whether a person with documented mental illness can purchase a gun.

He also explains the secrecy behind the three-person commission, the members of which were only recently identified as two people who worked for the governor and the vice dean of Seton Hall Law School.

“I don’t remember in all my time covering him having done something like this,” said Katz of the long-undisclosed committee members. “I’m not sure why they would have.”