Chemo Files Episode 4: Patient No. 2

Debbie Galant | December 24, 2015 | Podcasts
Just as I come through her first chemo more or less intact, we discover that Warren has a life-threatening problem of his own: a major arterial blockage

Warren and Noah Levinson
While we’re on winter hiatus we’ll be regularly posting episodes from this compelling podcast on breast cancer, as well as those from our October conference NJ Spotlight on Cities.


The story you’re about to hear might sound fairly normal if you were sitting around a Mah Jong table in Boca Raton.
But I’m 59, my husband’s 62, and we’re both working journalists. In fact, my husband was scheduled week before last to spend two days following the Pope around New York and Philadelphia.

You may know part one of the story: I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July.


Then, just as I was coming out of my first chemo, my husband Warren finally went to the doctor for some symptoms he’d been trying to ignore – considering my situation – which led to an angiogram, which led to — well he’s going to be having triple-bypass surgery today or tomorrow.

A few months ago, we started The Chemo Files, a podcast to chronicle my adventures as a cancer patient. My son Noah had the idea. He’s 23, just finishing a year of Americorps where he worked on an organic farm alongside special-needs young adults, and as soon as his year ended, he came home to help take care of me.

Now us.

Please listen and share this episode, produced completely at St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston NJ, where Warren has spent a week being closely monitored ahead of his bypass. All three of us worked on the episode, Warren included.

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