Poll: Why Isn’t New Jersey Doing More to Get the Lead Out and Protect Our Kids?

NJ Spotlight News | December 3, 2015 | Polling
The problem of children with high lead levels in their blood has improved, but the situation could be a whole lot better

More than 3,100 New Jersey children are still being diagnosed each year with elevated levels of lead in their blood, according to this week’s two-part report in NJ Spotlight. (More than 225,000 children have been identified with this problem since 2000.)

This is after a comprehensive law was passed in 2008 require lead testing and abatement for all rental properties in the state. What’s more, the law was supposed to be funded with a special tax on paint.

The trouble is, the law may be on the books, but it has never been fully enforced. I think I speak for all New Jerseyans when I say no one wants to see our kids suffering from lead poisoning.