November 19, 2015 | Number of The Day
New Jerseyans who are considered obese

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released new statistics about obesity in the United States, identifying 26.3 percent of New Jerseyans as obese and 36.5 percent as overweight.

When it comes to adolescents, 8.7 percent are obese and 14 percent are overweight.

It may come as no surprise that the culprits appear to be diet and lack of exercise. When asked, only 28.5 percent of New Jersey adults said they participated in any physical activity in the past month, and only 50.5 percent said they had participated in 150 minutes or more of aerobic activity. The story was similar for adolescents, with only 54.8 percent saying they took physical education each day in school, and 28.5 percent saying they watched three hours or more of television daily.

When it comes to diet, 35.3 percent of New Jersey adults said they consumed less than one piece of fruit daily, and 21.4 percent reported eating vegetables less than once a day.