Cooperation, Not Conflict, Prevails – At Least So Far – in Newark’s Schools

NJTV News | November 18, 2015 | Education
Superintendent Chris Cerf credits efforts to get entire community involved in shaping direction of state-run district

Could this really be the Newark school district? Yes, it is.

In sharp contrast to the contentious reign of departed schools superintendent Cami Anderson, the district’s first year with former state Education Commissioner Chris Cerf at the helm of the state-run district has been relatively quiet and peaceful, even as he continues to oversee the controversial citywide enrollment system and helps the district move forward in the slow process leading to the return of local control.

Cerf credits the changed atmosphere, in large part, to efforts to actively encourage community involvement, citing what he calls “the dignity of engagement.”

Read the full interview with Cerf by Mary Alice Williams of NJTV, a content partner of NJ Spotlight.