Poll: What’s Behind Gov. Christie’s Flurry of Vetoes, Conditional Vetoes?

NJ Spotlight | November 12, 2015 | Polling
The governor may not spend much time in New Jersey, but he was back this week, blowing through 64 bills, racking up 25 vetoes

Gov. Chris Christie took time out of his hectic schedule campaigning for the GOP presidential nomination this week to head back to the Garden State, where a stack of pending legislation — 64 bills in all — awaited his attention. The governor signed 39 bills into law, but gave his veto pen almost as strenuous a workout, vetoing or conditionally vetoing 25 measures — leaving his critics understandably unhappy.

Among the legislation that Christie rejected outright was the “Democracy Act,” which would streamline voter registration and simplify the voter process itself — a seemingly smart move following a general election in which voter turnout barely broke 20 percent.

The governor is back on the campaign trail, leaving lawmakers on both sides of the aisle — and New Jersey residents — to deal with his decisions.