October 23, 2015 | Number of The Day
NJ’s rank among states in terms of energy efficiency, a drop of two spots

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy has released its 2015 scorecard of states, which shows New Jersey dropping two spots to 21.

Regionally, the state lags both Pennsylvania and New York. New York, which was rated 9, got kudos for its transportation and state government initiatives.

New Jersey was singled out as a leader in building codes, having been only one in four states that have adopted the latest commercial and residential codes without weakening its amendments. It also scored well when it came to transportation, earning six out of 10 possible points.

But when it came to utilities scoring, which looked at utility programs, it did not do as well, earning only five out of 20 possible points. The state was criticized for not having an energy-efficiency resource standard in place. Regulatory adjustments to the utility business model, which would include decoupling and performance incentives that align with energy-savings targets, were recommended.

What’s more, the rating took into account that the state regularly raids energy-efficiency funds to fill holes in its budget.