October 22, 2015 | Number of The Day
New Jerseyans who say Hudson River rail tunnels are very important to state’s economic development

Some opinions depend on whether voters use mass transit; some opinions depend on whether they know how old the existing tunnels are. Regardless, New Jerseyans agree that the Hudson River rail tunnels are important to the state’s economic development, according to the most recent Rutgers-Eagleton poll.

About 52 percent say the tunnels are very important and 34 percent say they are somewhat important.

When asked whether Gov. Chris Christie did the right thing in cancelling the ARC tunnel in 2010, 51 percent said he did not. But when told that the tunnels are 105 years old, 60 percent of respondents said he should have gone through with it.

Of those surveyed, only 13 percent said they used transportation every week; only 17 percent said someone in their household commuted to New York City.

It’s not surprising then that although most New Jerseyans support the building of new tunnels, 65 percent said the first priority should be roads and bridges.