October 6, 2015 | Number of The Day
NJ’s national rank for value of vegetables grown and harvested

New Jersey may call itself the Garden State, but it’s not clear that it actually deserves the title. The Annual Report & Agricultural Statistics from the state Department of Agriculture says New Jersey is ranked 17th for the value of all vegetables farmed and harvested ($191.7 million). It doesn’t do much better for direct agricultural sales ($33 million), which puts it in 13th place.

New Jersey starts to come into its own with some familiar favorites, although it only scores a surprising seventh place for tomato production (58.8 million pounds). It’s also in the seventh spot for cut Christmas tree farms.

The state’s 50.2 million pounds of blueberries harvested pops it into fifth place, and it moves up another slot for that Thanksgiving favorite — cranberries (54.2 million pounds).

All stats are based on data from 2013 -2014, the most recent available.

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