October 1, 2015 | Number of The Day
NJ’s rank in U.S. agriculture for clam/ocean quahog harvest

As the Garden State, New Jersey is justly famous for its tomatoes and bell peppers, cranberries and sweet corn, but it doesn’t top the list for growing and harvesting any of these. Perhaps not surprisingly, given the length of the New Jersey coast, we are No. 1 in the nation for clam/ocean quahog production, harvesting 17.2 million pounds of these shellfish, according to the “2014 Annual Report and Agricultural Statistics” from the New Jersey Department of Agriculture (the most recent figures available).

New Jersey also has the second spot locked up for two other briny treats: sea scallops (5.6 million pounds) and surf clams (18.7 million pounds).

So what about those perennial favorites: tomatoes (7th, 58.8 million pounds), bell peppers (3rd, 97.7 million pounds), cranberries (3rd, 54.2 million pounds), and sweet corn (6th, 48 million pounds).