September 30, 2015 | Number of The Day
NJ’s ranking as best state for schoolteachers

Teaching is a challenging profession; indeed, some argue that it’s a calling not a career. Now the folks at the head of the class can feel good (or better) about where they’ve decided to pursue that calling: New Jersey has been ranked the fifth-best state for schoolteachers, according to WalletHub, the personal finance website.

New Jersey has some other good numbers going for it. The state came in third for the overall quality of its school systems, said “2015’s Best and Worst State for Teachers.” It also came in third for per-pupil spending, a topic that needs to be broached gingerly in some settings.

The state posted second for academic and work environment, but only scored 20 for job opportunity and competition (1 = best, 25 = average). Neighboring Pennsylvania took the top spot for job opportunity; 22, for academic environment. New York scored a five for job opportunity; 26, for environment.