September 29, 2015 | Number of The Day
Excise tax on a pack of cigarettes in NJ

We certainly try to soak our smokers — since in New Jersey we add $2.70 in excise tax for every pack purchased. Although that’s high, it’s not the highest in the country. That distinction goes to neighboring New York, which charges $4.35 per pack in excise taxes. Other high cigarette-tax states include Rhode Island ($3.75), Massachusetts ($3.51), Connecticut ($3.40), Hawaii ($3.20), Vermont ($3.08), Washington ($3.03), and Minnesota ($2.90).

The country’s average is $1.59. Surprisingly, California only charges $0.87. Maybe not so surprisingly, the lowest rates were found in Virginia ($0.30), Alabama ($0.43), North Dakota ($0.44) and North Carolina ($0.45).