September 3, 2015 | Number of The Day
Increase in energy jobs at PSEG this year alone

In celebration of Labor Day, it’s worth noting that the energy sector of the market continues to grow in New Jersey, despite the fact it’s not an oil-producing state. PSEG said that it will increase its workforce by 30 percent this year, due to modernization efforts, transmission upgrades, hardening infrastructure, and building a new power plant. The state’s largest energy provider is investing $10 billion in infrastructure upgrades in the next few years.

PSEG has hired 800 new employees this year, in addition to hundreds of contractors. It also plans to create 2,000 jobs through its Energy Strong program, which calls for hardening its infrastructure in the wake of superstorm Sandy. Transmission upgrades will result in 6,000 new jobs, and the modernization of its distribution program calls for another 500 jobs. This is in addition to 350 construction jobs to build a new power plant, which will call for 28 full-time permanent workers.