More NJ Students Taking College Entrance Exams, Though Scores Remain Flat

John Mooney | September 4, 2015 | Education
Early results on test-taking patterns show overall participation rates among all students climbed 3 percent

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In the category of small victories, more New Jersey students are taking the SATs and other college entrance exams — even if overall results aren’t improving much.

At this week’s state Board of Education meeting, the Christie administration released some early results on test-taking patterns for the SATs, ACTs and Advanced Placement exams, all key gateways for college-bound students.

In each case, state officials said the average results in the 2014-2015 tests were not much changed, and even dropped a few points. In math, the median score dropped from 520 to 518. In reading, from 496 to 495.

But officials indicated that the percentage of test-takers grew significantly, a good sign for students aiming for college. Overall participation rates on the SAT rose almost 3 percent, officials said, and nearly 5 percent among African-American students and 9 percent for Hispanic students.

The participation numbers for AP test-takers was strong, too, growing 7.5 percent.