August 14, 2015 | Number of The Day
Number of miles New Jersey coast stretches along the Atlantic Ocean

As any New Jerseyan will tell you, August is prime time in the Garden State. Tomatoes, corn, and peaches are at the height of their season. Fresh fish — both ocean and bay — is plentiful. And it seems that almost all of its 565 municipalities are sponsoring some sort of jazz, music, or other festival to draw crowds.

Of course, the biggest attraction is New Jersey’s 130 miles of beach fronting the Atlantic Ocean. The state also boasts 24 boardwalks along the coast, something New Jersey is almost uniquely known for.

NJ Spotlight is taking a much-needed two-week rest, and many of us plan to spend our time along the ocean reading from our upcoming Summer Reading series of book excerpts — all related to our beloved Garden State. But don’t worry. We’ll be back on the job before the month is over.