Poll: What’s the Best Way to Get Going on Gateway Project?

NJ Spotlight | August 13, 2015 | Polling
The proposed rail tunnel would be a lifesaver for commuters and cargo, but who’s going to pay for it?

The proposed Gateway tunnel project, which would build two new rail tunnels between New York and New Jersey, is getting a lot of attention this summer. Estimated to cost about $15 billion, the proposed project has been put on the front burner by the Obama administration and others after reports gave a clear indication of the state of disrepair of the current Hudson River tunnels.

Amtrak recently announced that each of the tunnels, already heavily congested with rail traffic, will have to be closed in the not-too-distant future for at least a year to repair damage from superstorm Sandy. If so, that would impact the entire Northeast and damage the national economy. The rail lines leading to the tunnels are also in such bad shape that they’ve been causing commuting nightmares.

Gov. Chris Christie cancelled a similar project, called ARC (Access to Region’s Core), shortly after he took office, saying the state could not afford it. Six years later the problem with transportation funding has only gotten worse, both on the state and federal levels. And New York doesn’t seem to want to take part in the project, with its governor indicating it’s a New Jersey problem.