July 28, 2015 | Number of The Day
Number of shark attacks off NJ so far this summer

If you’re the sort of swimmer who spends most of your time standing on shore worriedly scanning the surf for dorsal fins, you can relax: There have been zip, zero, zilch shark attacks reported in New Jersey coastal waters this year, according to the International Shark Attack File, “the only globally comprehensive, scientific shark attack database in the world.”

Residual nervousness is to be understood though: There have been 10 unprovoked shark attacks off the Carolinas since May of this year. And a video of Australian surfer Mick Fanning fighting off a shark attack bare-handed went viral on the Internet.

Still, there have been those pesky shark sightings off Shore points, including Margate City and Avalon.

So are more shark sightings and attacks along the Jersey Shore to be expected?

Not so much. While global climate change will ultimately raise ocean temperatures, it’s not a trend that will have any short-term effect on the shark population. Meanwhile, the International Shark Attack File points out that more people are spending more time than ever in the ocean, and tracking technology continues to improve, which means fewer sightings and attacks go unreported.

If that’s not enough to get you back into the water with the boogie board, you may want to download the global shark tracker app from Ocearch.org and keep tabs on tagged sharks from Cape May to Cape Town.