July 23, 2015 | Number of The Day
Number of students enrolled full time in NJ’s four-year colleges

There were 130,868 full-time students enrolled in New Jersey’s four-year public institutions in the fall of 2014, with another 81,524 full-time students enrolled in community colleges.

All told, there were 212,392 full-time students in the state’s public higher-education system, including 38,068 graduate students.

Additionally, there were 138,294 part-time students enrolled in New Jersey’s public colleges in 2014.

The largest school was Rutgers, with 66,013 students — 53,291 of whom were undergraduates. The next largest was Thomas Edison State College, which offers online and self-directed courses. It had an enrollment of 21,495, almost all of whom were adult part-timers. Montclair State with an enrollment of 20,022, had the second-largest number of undergraduates — 15,253, followed by Rowan and Kean University.

Bergen Community College had the largest enrollment of full-time students among the two-year colleges and largest overall. But Brookdale Community had the largest number of part-time students.