July 9, 2015 | Number of The Day
Number of roller coasters in New Jersey

New Jersey residents and tourists alike looking for a few minutes of high-speed, high-decibel fun should be happy to learn that the Garden State is home to 39 roller coasters, many of them located in Jackson Township’s Six Flags Great Adventure.

For aficionados, 36 of New Jersey’s coasters are steel, while three are wood. Traditionalists may prefer to boost their adrenaline levels on one of the state’s 35 sit-down coasters. New Jersey also boasts one standing coaster, two inverted coasters (with the seats hanging under the track), and one flying coaster (in which passengers are harnessed in a prone position).

In 2010, NJ Spotlight reported that the state hosted 47 coasters — second only to California’s 79. New Jersey has since fallen to sixth place, outpaced by Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and California. The Roller Coaster Census Report indicates that the United States has a total of 692 coasters.

New Jersey still boasts the country’s fastest roller coaster: the 128-mph Kingda Ka at Six Flags. The speed record is not a worldwide mark, however; Abu Dhabi’s Formula Rossa coaster has been clocked at 149.1 mph.