July 7, 2015 | Number of The Day

An average of 954,740 people per weekday took trips on New Jersey public transportation in 2014, according to data published by the New Jersey Transit. The numbers were markedly lower on weekends, with an average of 456,592 trips on Saturdays and 317,151 on Sundays.

Buses were the state’s the most popular means of public transport, with 570,310 of the weekday trips being by bus. Rail was the second-most popular, with an average of 295,173 trips per weekday. Rail trips, however, accounted for the greatest portion of miles traveled by NJ passengers – a whopping 2.2 billion passenger miles for the year; the total for buses, rail and light rail was 3.4 billion passenger miles.

New Jersey has 12 commuter rail lines, 262 bus routes, and three light rail lines. A total of 205 of these bus routes are operated by NJ Transit, while the remainder are contracted. New Jersey’s bus service encompasses 30 stations and over 18,700 stops. A total of 386 of New Jersey’s municipalities have bus service, while 117 have rail service.

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