June 10, 2015 | Number of The Day
Uninsured rate for New Jersey residents

According to the White House office of the press secretary, the Gallup organization recently estimated that New Jersey’s uninsured rate is now 11.7 percent, down from 14.9 percent in 2013. The report attributed the change to the Affordable Care Act, which prohibited denying coverage and reducing benefits due to preexisting conditions, a change that effects the estimated 3.8 million New Jerseyans who have some sort of health condition.

The act has also extended Medicaid coverage to adults with incomes under 133 percent of the poverty level, bringing Medicaid or CHIP coverage to 415,263 New Jerseyans.

The act has had a myriad of other effects on New Jersey: 172,345 residents have made use of the tax credit established by the program, and health insurers have issued $3.5 million in rebates for spending too little on care.

The report also promised a number of changes in the future: incentive payments to encourage care providers to adopt certified electronic records, increased community health funding for care facilities, and a significant expansion of New Jersey’s healthcare provider training opportunities.