Bill Would Make It Easier to Remove All Guns from Homes in Domestic-Violence Cases

NJTV News | June 16, 2015 | More Issues, Social
Even before cases are resolved, courts could be told about – and asked to confiscate -- weapons not already seized by law enforcement

New Jersey already prohibits anyone convicted of domestic violence or served with a restraining order from owning a firearm. And law enforcement can confiscate guns from a home at the outset of a call involving a domestic dispute.

But a bill introduced by Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera would toughen those requirements even more, allowing victims to inform a court of any firearms that haven’t already been seized by law enforcement and request their removal. It would also give victims the right to begin the process of having a defendant’s firearms ID cards and purchase permits revoked — all before the case has been resolved.

Gun-rights advocates say the bill misses the mark because New Jersey’s definition of domestic abuse is too broad.

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