May 22, 2015 | Number of The Day
New Jersey’s rank as a state for military retirees

New Jersey doesn’t fare well against other states when it comes to being a place veterans want to live and retire, according to a recent Wallethub study. Wallethub is a financial website that organizes experts to create rankings.

The biggest problems with New Jersey, it seems, are that there aren’t many veterans living here and very few job opportunities for veterans. New Jersey ranks 49th when it comes to the fewest veterans per 100 inhabitants (only the District of Columbia and New York rank lower). It ranks 50th, just above Maryland, when it comes to the least job opportunities for veterans.

The economic environment for veterans in general got New Jersey ranked 48th, and its healthcare rank was 44th. The economic environment looked at issues like taxes, cost of living, and number of veteran-owned businesses and defense contractors. The healthcare rank took into account the number of VA health facilities per number of veterans and a patient’s willingness to recommend the VA Hospitals, as well as typical issues like number of hospitals, number of physicians, and emotional health of the population.

New Jersey did better when it came to quality of life, ranking 20th. Although it performed poorly on the number of veterans, it did better on issues such as number of arts, leisure, and recreation establishments, the university system, percentage of population over 40, and number of homeless veterans.