May 18, 2015 | Number of The Day
Number of New Jerseyans who identify themselves as Catholic

New Jersey is certainly a diverse state when it comes to religion, according to the new Pew Research Center’s report on America’s Changing Religious Landscape. It should come as no surprise that we have more Catholics and Jews than most states, but we also have more Muslims and Hindus, and we have a large number of evangelicals.

While 67 percent of New Jerseyans say they are Christian, 34 percent of those are Catholics; 13 percent are evangelical Protestants; 12 percent are traditional Protestants; and 6 percent are members of historically black Protestant churches.

The study also counted 1 percent each of Mormons, Orthodox Christians, and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

But there are plenty of New Jerseyans — 14 percent — who follow other faiths. The largest group is Jewish (6 percent), followed by Muslim (3 percent) and Hindu (3 percent). Some 18 percent of people in New Jersey say they are unaffiliated with any religion; 2 percent of those say they are atheists and 3 percent say they are agnostics.

Nationally, the picture is a bit different, with 70 percent saying they are Christian, only 21 percent of whom are Catholic. Evangelicals make up 25 percent of Christians with only 14 percent saying they are traditional Protestants. Only 6.5 percent say they are members of historically black Protestant churches. Only 1.9 percent of Americans say they are Jewish. Less than 1 percent are Muslim and only 0.07 percent are Hindu. About 23 percent say they are unaffiliated.