May 13, 2015 | Number of The Day
Number of children living in families receiving welfare in New Jersey

The good news in this statistic is that it’s dropped. The bad news is that 58,948 New Jersey children are still living in families on welfare in this state.

A very large number — 10.5 million or 14 percent — are living in what Advocates for Children in New Jersey consider crowded housing. And 63 percent of children are living with families in which housing costs exceed 30 percent of income.

The list goes on: There’s been a 26 percent increase in children living below the poverty level, which now total 152,000. There are 333,000 children living at only twice the poverty level, and 500,000 living at 150 percent of poverty. For a family of four, the federal poverty level was $23,500.

As bad as New Jersey looks, by every statistic the state beats the rest of the country. For instance, 33 percent of children are living in families at 200 percent of poverty level. Nationally, that figure is 45 percent.