Christie: ‘It’s Good to be Back and I’ll See You Again’

Gov. Christie is stopping at diners, holding town halls and pressing the flesh in weekly trips to New Hampshire to convince voters that he’s a viable candidate.

New Jersey Public Radio’s Matt Katz joins us this week to break-down the governor’s recent visit. He says even with all the coverage Christie got on the trip, it was trumped by a fat-shaming media free-for-all. $300,000 for snacks at MetLife Stadium? Click here!

Also this week:

Charges? Maybe we don’t need no stinkin’ charges.

Jonathan Rauch, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, is challenging the idea that anyone involved in creating a week-long traffic jam at the George Washington Bridge should go to jail. He offers a spirited defense of machine politics and tells host David Furst that government works best when politicians can help supporters and punish defectors.

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