Christie Blames Obama for Economy’s Squeeze on Nation’s Middle-Class

NJTV News | May 13, 2015 | Politics
Governor lays out five-point economic plan during speech in New Hampshire

How’s the economy? Not good, Gov. Chris Christie declared while delivering what was described as a major policy address in New Hampshire. And who’s to blame, according to Christie? President Obama, of course.

“So under this president we have a roaring financial market economy for the wealthy and a weak real economy for the middle class,” Christie asserted.

Christie, whose home state’s economic growth trails the national average while its jobless rate is the nation’s worst, laid out a five-point economic plan, calling for tax-code reforms, less government regulation, a national energy strategy that includes coal-fueled plants and the controversial Keystone pipeline, taking steps to foster creation of fulltime jobs, and investing more federal funding in innovative research.

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