April 23, 2015 | Number of The Day
In honor of Earth Day, NJ's rank on list of eco-friendly states

Maybe to few people’s surprise, New Jersey has been given a middling ranking when it comes to “eco-friendliness.” Wallethub, the financial services website that organizes experts to rate all sorts of attributes, recently ranked New Jersey as 16th when it comes to states and the District of Columbia in terms of being eco-friendly.

In specific attributes, such as energy consumption, air and soil quality, number of LEED buildings, and total solid waste, New Jersey didn’t rate among the highest or lowest. Indeed, when it came to a signifier, New Jersey joined most “blue” states as being more eco-friendly.

However, New Jersey did perform better with eco-friendly behaviors — ranking 11th for environmental quality. Eco-friendly behaviors included number of LEED buildings per capita, energy consumption per capita, energy efficiency, gasoline and water consumption per capita, and alternative vehicles per capita. When it came to environmental quality, the ratings were focused on the status quo based on past behavior or a neighbor’s behavior. These factors included air, soil, and water quality; carbon dioxide emissions; and municipal solid waste per capita.