April 21, 2015 | Number of The Day
Respondents to recent poll who believe Christie’s most marked personality trait is that he’s very stubborn

New Jerseyans’ fondness for Gov. Chris Christie is a thing of the past, according to the most recent Rutgers-Eagleton poll. When asked to describe Christie with character traits both positive and negative, 64 percent said he was very stubborn; 58 percent said he was “not at all” presidential; 57 percent said he was very arrogant; and 80 percent said was either not at all (44 percent) or only somewhat (36 percent) trustworthy.

But New Jerseyans will give him one thing: 49 percent say he is very smart. (35 percent said he is somewhat smart).

The other traits that seem to describe Christie for New Jersey voters are self-centered (46 percent said very; 30 percent said somewhat); independent (46 percent said very; 32 percent said somewhat); a bully (45 percent said it describes him very well; 29 percent said somewhat); and impulsive (43 percent said very; 32 percent, somewhat).

As might be expected, Democrats were the harshest critics of the governor with independents somewhat less so. But only Republicans thought he was very much a leader (60 percent) and the majority of Republicans also thought he was stubborn. Women had a slightly harsher view of Christie than men, although more women thought he was very smart (50 percent versus 47 percent).