April 7, 2015 | Number of The Day
New Jerseyans who want Menendez to stay in office until proven guilty

Whether it’s because New Jerseyans have become accustomed to corruption charges, don’t fully understand the charges, or just like U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, a vast majority of voters (58 percent) believe that Menendez should remain in office unless proven guilty of the recent corruption charges against him, according to the most recent Rutgers Eagleton poll. Only 34 percent of those polled said he should leave immediately.

Although Democrats were more likely to support Menendez in office than Republicans, when asked whether an unnamed politician should be allowed to stay in office after corruption charges, Republicans said “yes” at virtually the same rate.
But the poll showed that New Jerseyans of all stripes do like Menendez and are a bit blasé about corruption in politics.

Asked whether they approved of how Menendez is handling his job, Democrats approved by 45 percent and Republicans approved by 31 percent, with 35 percent saying they didn’t know.
And when asked whether New Jersey is more corrupt than other states, most (52 percent) said it was about the same as other states and about the same as five years ago. That’s despite the fact that 51 percent labeled the amount of corruption in politics “a lot.”