April 6, 2015 | Number of The Day
Number of Easter Eggs at NJ's largest hunt

If a backyard or local Easter egg hunt was part of your holiday festivities, you may want to consider stepping up your game a bit next year. New Jersey’s nondenominational Liquid Church hosted what it claims is the Garden State’s largest egg hunt — more than 100,000 eggs dispersed over four campuses in Morristown, Mountainside, New Brunswick, and Nutley. The eggs were divvied up over 14 events, so there’s no need to worry about trampled toddlers or mauled middle-schoolers.

Participants at the 500,000-egg Sacramento hunt — an attempt to capture the Guinness World Record — were not as lucky. An unruly crowd of kids and parents flattened some of the smaller tots and, according to the CBS local affiliate, “Parents reportedly rushed onto the grass and started pushing and cursing at other children.”

The town of Winter Haven, FL, retains the egg crown, an honor it has maintained since 2007, when it held a hunt with 501,000 Easter eggs.