April 2, 2015 | Number of The Day
Number of tree seedlings New Jersey is distributing free to residents

For those homeowners who are still feeling the loss of trees due to superstorm Sandy, the state is distributing 130,000 seedlings for free through May 9.

The state Forestry Services will ship the seedlings to 13 distribution centers, which will in turn allocate them to municipalities. Municipalities that registered for the program will receive 1,500 seedlings. Any resident of the state is eligible to obtain up to five trees, which will be up to knee high when distributed.

The state is providing 38 different tree species, including oaks, dogwoods, and maples.

From now until May 9, each participating community will distribute seedlings on a designated date. Seedling distribution locations will be listed on the State Forestry Services Facebook page and at its website