Sample Questions: Do You Have What It Takes to Pass the PARCC Exam?

John Mooney | April 28, 2015 | Education
Day 2 of the online testing evaluates knowledge and skills garnered during the current school year

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About 170,000 New Jersey students were back in front of the computer yesterday to take the second phase of New Jersey’s online PARCC test.

Yesterday was the first full day of the “end-of-year assessment” section of the test, looking at knowledge and skills gained in the course of the school year. It followed last month’s “performance based assessment,” which measured analytic and critical-thinking skills.

NJ Spotlight will continues to post sample questions from the PARCC test each day this week, this time from the seventh grade mathematics section. The correct answers will be published the following day.

The full practice tests are available online.


Instructions: Today, you will be taking Unit 1 of the Grade 7 Mathematics End-of-Year Assessment Practice Test.

Read each question carefully. Some questions will ask you to choose one correct answer, while others will ask you to choose more than one correct answer…

In the first section of this unit, you may not use a calculator.

1. This graph shows the relationship between the pounds of cheese bought at a deli and the total cost, in dollars, for the cheese.

Select each statement about the graph that is true.
Select all that apply.

PARCC math question 2

A. The point (0,0) shows the cost is $0.00 for 0 pounds of cheese.

B. The point (0.25,1) shows the cost is $0.25 for 1 pound of cheese.

C. The point (0.5,2) shows that 0.5 pound of cheese costs $2.00.

D. The point (1,4) shows the cost is $4.00 for 1 pound of cheese.

E. The point (2,8) shows that 8 pounds of cheese cost $2.00.

2. Which expressions are equivalent to -2.5(1 − 2n) − 1.5n?

Select all that apply.

A. −2.5 − 3.5n

B. −2.5 + 3.5n

C. −2.5 − 6.5n

D. −2.5 − n(5 − 1.5)

E. −2.5 + n(5 − 1.5)

3. This table shows a proportional relationship between x and y.

PARCC math question 2

What is the constant of proportionality between x and y? Enter your answer as a decimal.

Answers to yesterday’s fifth grade language arts sample questions:

Question 1:
Part A: A
Part B: B

Question 2:
Part A: B
Part B: D