High Levels of Lead in Blood Called Yet Another Legacy of Hurricane Sandy

NJTV News | April 23, 2015 | Sandy
Demolition of older storm-damaged buildings with lead paint unleashes airborne dust

In the 30 years that Dr. Vijaya Desai has practiced pediatrics, she’s never had so many cases of high lead levels in her patients’ blood.

“You know after Sandy, dust particles are airborne because of demolition,” said Desai, who has a practice in Jersey City and volunteers with Partnership for a Healthier Jersey City. “There was so much demolition going on, especially in
Jersey City and Hudson County, we had so many buildings which were affected.”

The rise of high lead levels in the blood of people in Sandy-affected areas has become a problem as cleanup and rebuilding continues around the state. That’s because housing and structures built prior to the mid-1970s are likely to still have lead paint.

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